“Thank you for facilitating and leading a celebration that would have pleased I… so much, with contributions from all our wonderful family.  It was very special to be able hold it in the field, too, which was his favourite space and I confess to feeling that he is still there among the trees or chuckling with the swallows on the lines.     The quiet committal in the churchyard was so right too.  It is all a really good memory which I think is very rare for a funeral and I can't thank you enough.  For all of us it has made our loss easier to bear.”

“Thank you very much for carrying out the service for P…... We were all moved and touched by its gentleness and sincerity and for those of us who hadn't known him it gave us a picture of him.  We are all very grateful”.


“Your ceremony was fabulous with lots of time for us to pause and reflect on my Dad'd life - thank you so much for a ceremony that was tributary rather than mournful"


“I just felt I wanted to drop you a line to say how much we appreciated the service you gave H.  It was so calming and dignified, the peace and quiet was very moving, as were your words and poem.  


You were very friendly and your words were comforting and helpful to me – Thank you”.



“You were absolutely magnificent Sue. Family and chums feel the same way about you.  To have spoken with such eloquence having not even met B.... was quite amazing.  There are no words but thank you”

From a Funeral Director


“Thanks Sue for an excellent service today. I know that we always say 'thank you' and 'that 

was a good service' but we both really think you are very sincere, compassionate and totally 



Thank you for your amazing way with families, you truly are special at what you do”


“I wanted to personally thank you once again for making our final day with our Dad very special.  You have a gift of understanding people in a very short space of time.  


Keep up your very important and good work for others.”



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