An ‘end of life’ gives one the time to recall the person’s gifts and achievements and remember all the time and love you shared. The days following the loss of a loved one are confusing and deeply emotional, making it difficult to make decisions, and the thought of having to put together a funeral ceremony completely overwhelming.


Families want to do the best for their loved one but don’t know how to go about it.  


Everyone has a story to tell and it is important that we acknowledge their life and achievements and give thanks for all they have given and shared in their life. I will spend time with the family and then weave a ceremony together which will reflect that life lived.

  • A funeral ceremony should:


  • Remember your loved one with gratitude and respect


  • Honour and celebrate a unique life lived


  • Make a beautiful, sensitive and memorable ceremony through heartfelt words and music


  • Give time to mourn your loss



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